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Radio Round Up February 13 - 14



Oh, the humidity! Spare yourself from the heat and head out into your garden early to get those jobs that won't wait.

Today will be all about your favourite roses. And later on I’ll mention mine!


Can you identify my favourite rose for today?


It’s time to… Feb


Watch out

Fungal diseases thrive in high humidity so check the foliage of your Begonias and Fuchsias in particular for powdery mildew, and treat with a fungicide. Watering the soil rather than splashing the leaves will also help. Keep an eye on your lawn too for brown spots or patches.



Seeds germinate readily in warm humid conditions so if you haven’t had much luck before, try it now with Pansies, Wallflower or Stock. If you’re growing potted standards, sprinkle some Alyssum seeds around the base to create inexpensive yet pretty living mulch.


The Bush Garden

Native Fuchsia or Correas are starting early this year. Look out for one called Little Pink Belle, which is a hybrid between C. redex and C. Federation Belle. They like shade, dappled shade and morning sun.



Unsightly pimples on lillypilly leaves are caused by sap-sucking psyllids. Control with Eco Oil or by sprinkling a granular insecticide, such as Bug Killa, around roots.


In the Veggie Patch

Aren’t these the best looking Ox heart tomatoes you’ve ever seen? We have been protecting them with exclusion bags so they can ripen in the bag in the sunshine. We bought the bags from Greenpatch Organic Seed Company mail order.


Fruit protected by exclusion bags doesn't need to be sprayed.


Come away with us

Explore South Australia and the coastal wilderness of Kangaroo Island. Enjoy the culinary highlights – honey, seafood and native spices. Be inspired by natural wonders such as Admiralty Arch and Remarkable Rocks. See the sea lions at Seal Bay.


Lots of lovely roses on the South Australia and Kangaroo Island tour


My Favourite Rose

I've been asked a hundred times 'What is your favourite rose?' In fact I've asked it unfairly many times myself in interviews. Graham once had the audacity to ask David Austin for his five favourite roses and he kindly obliged but said,’ I might change the list next week’. It’s like asking a florist for their favourite flower – it changes every week too.

The answer can never be accurate as true rose lovers have many favourites and it depends on the location, season, and type and how you're feeling on the day.

While filming for Better Homes & Gardens TV in the magnificent Heritage Rose Garden in Sevenhill, South Australia, the dream rose collection of internationally acclaimed rosarians Kay and Walter Duncan, Graham's producer asked him to select his favourite and tell a story about it.

Growing there was the historic first Hybrid Tea rose ‘La France’ a truly unique and glorious rose with great pedigree, ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ also beautiful with a wonderful history, ‘Golden Celebration’, the best yellow and hundreds more.

Graham decided, using the old gardener’s adage that 'your favourite was the last one you saw'. He chose Rosa 'Mikado', a French Guillot floribunda rose released in 1972. Not common here, more's the pity for it should be.

A glorious single old gold colour with a bee attracting boss of stamens in the centre. The petals start out a rich tone then fade through yellow, cream and ending up pink.

I love its prolific flowering and glorious colour. The foliage is a thick, luscious, waxy deep green and very resistant to diseases like black spot

So there it is, my favourite rose for today (and my favourite gardener)


Rosa 'Mikado'


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