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Radio Round Up May 28-29

Last night we enjoyed watching Graham at the Chelsea Flower Show on Better Homes & Gardens.

But back in the Land of Oz it’s all about orchids, autumn leaves and organising the garden for the onset of winter. I, for one hope it will bring some very welcome rain. My garden has dried awfully with last week’s autumn wind. So let’s get gardening!


Autumn is just about to make way for winter. time to clean up all those autumn leaves. Photo - Sean Povone


It’s Time To

Clean up

Make sure your tools aren’t spreading disease around the garden. Sterilise them by dipping into tea tree oil, or a mixture of 10ml of bleach into 1 litre of water, between work on each plant. Leave the pruned cut clean to self-heal.


Prepare. Winter is coming

Start work on that pergola or pathway while the weather is just right.

If you’re going to plant bare-rooted roses this winter, prepare beds by digging organic matter through, eight weeks prior to planting.


Collect and Compost

Take advantage of the free compost on offer by collecting autumn leaves. Add them to the compost heap, put them through the shredder and use direct on garden beds, or collect them in bags and keep them on hand for spring and summer.

Water your compost heap with a probiotic to get the party started. I use Go-go juice from Neutrog.


Down south

Keep the water up to camellias to prevent bud drop.

Move cymbidium orchids into the sun for autumn and winter to encourage more flower buds.


Cymbidium 'Clarisse Austin'


Divide perennials and replant. Share your little treasures around.


Thanks to all the Garden Clinic members in Sydney who came to the Chelsea Fringe Cake & Cuttings day yesterday. It was great to see all of you, and I'm already looking forward to our next chance to share cuttings, stories, and a few scones!



Bring potted flowering orchids inside for a few days to enjoy the show.

Transplant trees and shrubs now. It’s the perfect time to move them. Use a seaweed solution and deep-water them in. It will reduce transplant shock.

Weed and feed strawberries.



Check for frangipani rust. Spray with copper-based spray and throw any affected leaves in the bin, not the compost.


Want to know more about autumn jobs to do in your garden? check out the full article, It's Time To: May


Bush Garden

Dendrobium ‘bush’ orchid

These little bush garden treasures are so exciting to find on bushwalks in the national park. And best of all there are varieties, like the miniature rock orchid (D. kingianum) and it’s bigger cousin the rock lily (D. speciosum), that are easily grown in all but the coldest of back yard gardens.

There are also numerous hybrids that broaden the colour palette for orchid enthusiasts, which are often grown in shade houses or under trees in temperate to sub-tropical areas.


Lithophytic orchids like these Dendrobiums are very happy in trees. Photo - Jeep2449


If you would like to know more about selecting and caring for orchids have a look at my article, Know your orchids.



Pick plants for beneficial bugs

We all know that having good bugs in your garden will help keep the bad ones out. But how do we attract the beneficial bugs in the first place? Here are a few of my best plant pics for beneficial bugs.

You could grow fennel for lady bugs, yarrow to attract the good wasps, and don't forget carrots for lady bugs. All my carrots attract are the kids! And of course the beautiful, and wonderfully old fashioned alyssum flowers, great for attracting pollinators.

Want to know how to identify the beneficial bugs? Dan talks about them in his article, Aphids and other li'l suckers.


The king of beneficial bugs - the bee!


In the Veggie Patch


In a classic segment of ‘River Cottage’ host Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall damns the cauliflower, describing it as insipid and boring.

But that's not fair. While caulis can devolve into tasteless watery mush when treated badly in the kitchen, the best varieties are packed with flavor.

Find out how good cauli's can be in my freind, Justin's latest article for the Garden Clinic entitled Cauliflower


Garden News

A big week for the Aussies at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show

Charlie Albone has picked up a Silver Gilt award for a stunning formal garden, constructed by Aussie landscaper, Mick Conway.

We congratulate Charlie, Mick and the whole team who put this amazing garden together.

Check out the garden! read my latest blog on the Ross Tours website, all about Charlie's award-winning show garden at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show


Charlie Albone's award-winning garden at Chelsea. Photo - Husqvarna


Vivid Sydney goes to the Gardens

Vivid Sydney turns on the lights this weekend. This incredible world-class lighting display will this year include the Royal Botanic Gardens To celebrate its 200th birthday.

The show will run from 6pm to 11pm every night until June 18.

For more info visit the Vivid Sydney website


This year Vivid Sydney is celebrating the 200th birthday of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Image - Vivid Sydney


Come away with us:

Michael McCoy takes you to Garden Marlborough

New Zealand’s gardens are amongst the best anywhere on earth. Throw in a warm kiwi welcome and Garden Marlborough, we have the perfect excuse to visit this beautiful region of the south island when the peony and wisteria are just heavenly.

Join Michael McCoy and see the best of New Zealand including: Christchurch Botanic Garden, Linton Giant House & Artists Garden, East Coast Garden tour, Urban Tour, Queen Charlotte Sound Cruise, Hortensia House, Hans Herzog Winery


Gorgeous white wisteria will be in full flower in Marlborough this year.


For more information on this incredible tour go to the Ross Tours website, or call Royce or Roslyn at Ross Tours to reserve your place on 1300 233 200 for more details on the tour.