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Sandra's Monthly Rose Spray

Humidity and roses are not good bedfellows at all.

And when roses struggle to maintain their vigour pest and disease usually follow.

But keeping your rose happy in the heat and humidity of the sub-tropics does not have to be a complex scientific mission-impossible. It just requires a few extra steps.

Too keep chemical use at a minimum in the rose garden, use my monthly spray for roses.

It comes highly recommended and keeps my roses strong, disease and insect free with shiny glossy leaves. The trick is keeping it up throughout the summer.

You will need a battery operated power sprayer or quality pump sprayer.


Plenty for the picking. Photo - Linda Ross




1/4 cup Eco- fungicide powder

1/4 cup Eco-oil

1 teasp. Seaweed powder (eco C weed)

20 ml Eco Neem (if aphids are prevalent)

50 mls Eco-aminogrow

Mixed ingredients with 10 litres of water and pour into your sprayer. Spray your roses once a month from early spring to late autumn, wetting the leaves until it drips off.