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Spotlight: on Mistral Anemone

It’s a masterwork in plant breeding!

Depth of colour and incredible vigour makes this anemone outstanding. Deep purple and bleeding into a blue centre with black stamens, its dramatic as a cut flower and no wonder the florists love it.



Mistral Anemone Grape


With homage to their Italian heritage, these blooms are spectacular for their beauty and elegance. When the flowers open, it will almost seem as though the fashion-forward petals have been created from carefully draped fabric over impressively robust stems. Cut the flowers of Mistral Anemones will last up to two weeks in a vase. Doing so, you will encourage more flowers to bloom and longer stems to emerge.

Mistral Anemones were bred by Biancheri Creations of San Remo, Italy. Their breeding program combines tradition with research and focuses not only on creating amazing flowers, but also on producing quality, early flowering plants with high production and consistency. It’s their colour that sets them apart: Mistral Bicolour, M Burgundy, M Magenta, M Rosso Sfumato, M Tigra and M Vinato.

We planted these anemones in May into a vegetable/cutting garden with soil enriched with compost. It’s quite uplifting to see these sturdy stems powering out of the soil and now coming into flower. Highly recommended!

You will find the Mistral range of anemones at They should be available late February 2021. You need to watch their website closely because they sell quickly.