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Spotlight : Ranunculus

There has been a revolution in the breeding of ranunculus. ‘Renaissance’ Ranunculus is a triumph with high quality, long lasting, consistent doubles in a range of colours.

Up to ten flowers will open from a single tuber (bulb), and they are double from start to the finish. ‘Picasso’ is another fully double variety with a black centre and producing up to 10 blooms from each tuber.


Ranunculus is one of the most rewarding spring bulbs to grow because of its long-lasting quality as a cut flower.


The Biancheri family of San Remo, Italy began growing anemones and ranunculus in the 1800's and they are still going. In what is still a family business, they have remained pioneers in the development and improvement of these fabulous plants.

Plant the tubers in March, feed them well and by the time spring rolls around you will be cutting bunches like the one pictured. Ranunculus take around 10-12 weeks from planting to bloom. Allow them to die down after flowering then dig up the tubers, shake off the soil and store them on a wire rack in a cool dark place through the summer months. Plant them again next April.


Where to buy

You can find them at Watch for their online spring bulb catalogue and order early as they sell out fast.