Blog Star of the season: Empress of Brazil

Star of the season: Empress of Brazil

The rare blue hippeastrum (Worsleya procera) also known as the Empress of Brazil seems to have captured everyone’s imagination this week as they start to flower late summer.


I know you are keen for more growing tips. Firstly it's found growing naturally on just a few granite hillsides in Brazil in full sun where it's kept moist by the spray from waterfalls.

The trick is to use a very free-draining potting mix. Some growers use pumice, but you can make your own blend with potting mix mixed with a few handfuls of coarse river sand and pea gravel.


Keep the plant in a sunny location with afternoon light and water twice a week. During very wet weather, move the plant undercover as it’s susceptible to rot. Look out for crinum caterpillar (crush or spray with Success Ultra) and watch for rot at the basal plate, particularly when the plant bificates (forks or branches).


Good luck! Let us know how you get on.
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