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What To Do This Week

This week in the vegie patch we are training young pea shoots up their wire support trellis.

In the courtyard we are planting terracotta pots with poppies and snapdragons.

Snapdragons grow well in terracotta pots or window boxes.


  • Watch out! Cabbage white moth is about and he is very hungry! He can devour a whole broccoli plant in one day. This pest of brassicas: cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kale, is best controlled by organic methods. Our magic mix will do the trick. Or you can use Success Ultra (Yates), a non-chemical control for insects.

  • Keep sowing carrots each month to guarantee continuity of supply.

  • Plant beetroot or sow the seed.

  • Sow podding peas and Sugar Snap peas every 4 -5 weeks to extend your harvest.

  • Plant baby spinach and rocket each month.

  • Plant seedlings of bok choy for tasty stir-fries. It’s a brassica so watch out for white cabbage moth.


In the flower garden...

  • Nurture emerging bulbs with a ring of home-made compost. Sprinkle Blood and Bone mixed with Sulfate of Potash. Water bulbs with a seaweed solution or Eco Aminogro.

  • Plant poppies into a well-prepared garden bed that has plenty of sunshine and no wind.

  • Plant snapdragons, lobelia, alyssum and pansies into pots and window boxes

  • Spread fallen leaves on the lawn and mow before you add them to your compost heap. This will allow them to decompose more quickly.


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