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What to do this week

The good news is that as winter arrives, weed growth slows.

Here are a few jobs that will really make a difference.




  • Spread dolomite lime around your deciduous magnolias. To help the flowering add Sulfate of Potash.

  • Plant peonies. Van Dieman Quality Bulbs have a huge range of peonies. This is the time to plant them. Who can resist their luscious, often scented flowers? Don’t expect any flowers the first year. You will get some in the second year, but by the 3rd season you will be picking magnificent blooms. Remember - they are slow. The old saying goes “the first year they sleep, the second year they creep and the third year they leap”.

  • They require initial care to reach their potential but then are incredibly hardy lasting for decades in a good spot. Supplied as tuberous roots, requiring rich well drained soil with a near neutral pH and a cool climate. Multiple frosts are essential for most of these varieties to develop flowers. The Itoh type are better for warm climate gardens.

  • Last chance to feed lawns especially after rain. We use Sudden Impact for Lawns™.

  • Keep spaying citrus with Eco Oil™ and Eco Neem™ for citrus leaf miner on new growth. Repeat every fortnight.

  • Side dress all vegetables with organic fertiliser. We use Gyganic™ and water in with Seasol™ or Gogo™ juice.

  • Plant out strawberries in the garden or in pots.


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