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What to do this week

Get ready, spring will be here before we know it.

As we come to the end of winter here is a list of ‘last chance’ jobs:


Bindii must be killed before it produces the seeds that haunt us in summer.


Spray lawn for Bindii and Winter Grass before it goes to seed. For Buffalo lawn the herbicide must not contain dicamba.

Prune roses and spray them with Lime Sulphur. When new growth appears feed with Sudden Impact for Roses. Do not feed new planted roses until late spring.

Frangipani have dropped their leaves and can now be sprayed with Eco Oil plus Eco Fungicide to control fungal spores.

Crepe Myrtle can be pruned now but only if you need to control its size.

Fuchsia can be pruned now; use the prunings to make cuttings then feed with Sudden Impact for Roses.

Lilies (lilium) are shooting and can be fed with a ring of compost (enriched with Seamungus) or premium cow manure. Sprinkle snail pellets to protect the emerging bud from being eaten. You can plant lilies now in the garden and in pots; listen to our podcast ‘Garden Clinic Digs Deeper’ this week, it’s all about lilies!