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What to do this week

Get ready, spring will be here before we know it. It's time to feed flowering bulbs, replenish moisture and give the Crepe myrtle a prune.

Get those ‘last chance’ winter jobs done this week before spring has sprung!  



Feed daffodils as they come into flower

Feed flowering bulbs

Replenish energy spent producing flowers and to allow this energy to go back inside the bulb as the leaves die down after flowering. Do not cut these leaves, just allow them to die off naturally. This way your bulb will flower again next year. We use ‘Sudden Impact for Roses’ around all our flowering bulbs at this time.


Replenish moisture

Strong winds that have dried out our gardens this week. Remember that there is much happening underground with plants pushing out roots for spring flower development.


Prune Crepe Myrtle

...But only if you need to. We need the sunshine on our vegetable patch and so we prune back to the same knuckles every few years. This pruning technique is called ‘pollarding’. It’s used all over Europe to limit the size of street trees.


Pollarded crepe myrtle