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What to do this week

It’s all about pruning this week as flowers fade. Spring flowering shrubs should be pruned as soon as flowers finish.

This allows the plant to make new growth which will flower again next year. If you delay pruning, your plant will not have time to regrow the flowering wood for next year’s flowers.


Azaleas at Shiofune Kannon-ji Temple, Japan


Azalea Pruning

For years I’ve observed the immaculately pruned azaleas in Japan and more recently at the Shiofune Kannon-ji Temple that is included in our Japan Spring Festivals tour. We filmed these azaleas in full flower, for BH&G in 2018. Ever since I’ve been inspired to trim our very old and two new Kurume azaleas in the same fashion. It’s all about timing and feeding.

This week it’s trimming! After flowering the new spring leaf growth appears. This should be pruned to encourage small multi-branching of every stem; two becomes four, four becomes eight, to encourage masses of new shoots for next spring’s flowering. After pruning it’s good to feed them with Kahoona (Neutrog).

The next trimming will be in January, we’ll keep you updated on the progress. (Graham Ross)


Deadhead Roses

As blooms fade remove spent flowers and feed with Sudden Impact for Roses (Neutrog) to keep them happy and healthy. Remember to spray roses every month with our organic rose spray:

1/4 cup Eco-oil

1 tsp. Seaweed powder (Eco seaweed)

20ml Eco Neem (if aphids are prevalent)

50ml Eco-aminogro

Mix ingredients with 10 litres of water and pour into your sprayer. Spray your roses once a month from early spring to late autumn, wetting the leaves until it drips off.


Stink Bugs on Citrus

Bronze OrangeBugs gather in large numbers on your citrus trees, sucking the sap and depleting their energy and causing them to decline. Young bugs often go unnoticed as they are well camouflaged. Prevention is the best way to avoid trouble. Spray your citrus every two weeks with the new Eco Oil Hippo Enhanced, that kills the bad guys while attracting the good guys (beneficial insects). Eco oil will also control Citrus Leaf Miner.


Plant dahlias for summer cut flowers.

Dahlias are the backbone of our summer and autumn garden. Carefully colour coded collections will make everything else come alive with colour.


Dahlia Drachenberg makes a fine vase flower.


Find the most beautiful range of colours and flower forms: soft, romantic and stylish at


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