Blog What to do this week: Graham's to do list

What to do this week: Graham's to do list

Time to build a compost system and turn the green waste your garden generates into a priceless resource.

Graham shovelling compost from his triple bin compost system

This is our triple bin that has been working well for years. We have recently lined each bin with wire so rats can’t get in! This makes enough compost to supply our garden all year round. At this time we are swamped with leaves and green waste from pruning. So we need to add shredded paper to correct the carbon to nitrogen ratio. Garden Clinic members can book in to our Compost Class at the HQ on Saturday 6th June.


To do now


  • Compost fallen leaves

  • Feed emerging bulbs with a sprinkle of Blood and Bone and potash

  • Continue to plant winter veg seedlings

  • Continue to feed vegetables with organic fertiliser

  • Best planting time for a garden make-over


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