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What to do this week: knock-out those weeds

It’s timely to attend to our lawns at this time as winter weeds can weaken growth and should be controlled before they set seed.

Here are Graham’s tips for a great lawn, all about control of lawn weeds.



Fine leaved Bindii/Jo Jo and Plantain flat weed

Large flat-leafed weeds like dandelion, cud weed, fleabane and lamb’s tongue are unsightly. Left uncontrolled, they will spread rapidly.

Bindii or Jo Jo is the most annoying weed because it quickly produces spiny seeds turning your lawn into a ‘no-go zone’ for children and pets.


Plantain flat weed (L), fleabane (R), Dandelion & Plantain (below)



Fine lime green tufts with flower heads of Winter Grass in buffalo




Bindii or Jo Jo

Common lawn weeds are best controlled by spraying once the lawn is dry, with a selective herbicide suited to YOUR grass type. This is critical as a wrong choice could kill your lawn. The most common lawn grasses are buffalo hybrids, kikuyu, couch hybrids, bent and fescue. Look for a herbicide with Bromoxynil and MCPA. Avoid any containing Dicamba and those with fertiliser and weed control in one product. We’ve had hundreds of complaints about this type of lawn product. Follow up the following week with a good lawn fertiliser to encourage a thick, lush green grass cover.

Click this link to watch Graham’s short video about lawn care.