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What to do this week: Plant a lemon tree

Spring is perfect time to plant a citrus tree; lemon, lime, orange and mandarin.

Not only do they look beautiful – with glossy green leaves, gorgeously fragrant spring blossom and winter fruit in warming colours that glow in winter light, but they also taste great.


For more growing details and kitchen inspiration, see our story by clicking the image above.


Make sure you choose a grafted citrus tree from a reliable citrus producer, or garden centre. We recommend Engall's Nursery at Dural - the citrus experts.


Plant Pineapple lilies (eucomis) now

With their exotic flower spikes, Pineapple Lilies add summer drama to flower borders and containers. We have one called ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ in a terracotta pot with rich burgundy coloured leaves and then a thick stem produces a spike of pineapple-like flowers with tiny starry purple flowers that last eight weeks! Now we are planting one called ‘Dark Star’ in a sunny garden border. Its striking spike flowers grow to 25cm above the rosette crown of purple foliage. Each flower is topped with a tuft of leaves. We will plant the soft and silver artemisia (wormwood) as a companion to contrast and complement the verticality of the Eucomis.


Pinepple Lily 'Dark Star'. Photo -

Where to buy eucomis:

Leading nurseries sell them potted (from Drewitt’s Bulbs), and ready to flower in late summer.

Go to for Eucomis ‘Dark Star’