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What to do this week: Time to plant passionfruit

Passionfruit are among the most productive of backyard crops, especially when the bees do their thing.

Now that summer has arrived it’s the perfect time to plant one. As they come into flower its essential to feed passionfruit and to manually help the pollination process to set fruit.


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Strategies to reduce heat stress

The heat of the sun powers growth, but threatens disaster too. Rise with the birds for early deep watering, and let your mantra be mulch, mulch, mulch. Regular application of wetting agent granules will help the absorption of water into the soil and down to the roots of your plants. When soil dries out it repels water. Re-apply wetting agent every six to eight weeks. Regular applications of seaweed as a foliar spray also help plants cope with heat stress. Use a hose-on applicator to click on to your hose and water this over your garden early morning before the sun gets up.