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Winter Wallflowers

Wallflowers make the perfect winter and spring cut flowers; keep picking and dead-heading and they'll flower right through to spring.

It is one of our favourite flowers, deliciously fragrant, a soft mix of mauve and apricot.


This one has been in our garden for years, a true perennial; lovely on its own or mixed with white jonquils or tulips.Some gardeners are confused between perennial forms and the traditional biennial type.

Tesselaar sell one called 'Pastel Patchwork', blended shades of lavender, pink, coral, cream and yellow; it’s divine. It’s currently not available but will come online again soon. Their Wallflower Collection is a quite lovely; one of each variety, separately labelled. Includes Fragrant Sunshine, Bowles Mauve, Pastel Patchwork and Apricot Twist

In their notes they say : Plant Wallflowers in rockeries, as part of a border, along embankments or in groups in garden beds. Wall Flowers will grow easily in any well drained soil in a sunny spot. Trim back the flower stems after they have finished blooming, this will help to keep the plant bushy and encourage even more flowers. Prune hard in winter, then add some fertiliser to maintain healthy growth.

This has prompted to prune mine hard to keep it compact and produce more flowers.


Wallflower 'Pastel Patchwork' (Tesselaar)


David Glenn at Lambley sows wallflowers from seed and sells them. He plants wallflowers with tulips every year for a fabulous display. In his garden notes he says:

“The award-winning Sunset strains of wallflowers are more and more taking over from older varieties in Europe and North America. Compact, sturdy and vigorous and consistently flowering true to type they are now available in a great range of colours. Whilst we sow them in seed trays they can also be direct sown as long as the soil is not allowed to dry out before the seeds germinate.”


Wallflowers at Lambley, Ascot Victoria



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