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Book review: ​Correas: Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens


Correas: Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens

By Maria Hitchcock.

One of the plants collected by Joseph Banks on his first day in Australia was a correa. In fact he collected three of them, the white –flowered Correa alba, and two forms of red-flowered Correa reflexa. Despite this auspicious beginning, correas are not well-known by most Australian gardeners. Maria Hitchcock’s book could change all that as correas offer everything from small trees to small groundcovers as well as guaranteed birdlife, which flocks to the nectar produced by the little bell or star-shaped flowers. All a garden needs is good drainage. The book features descriptions of hundreds of cultivars, as well as information on how to propagate them.


Published by Rosenberg, rrp $35. 

Text: Linda Ross

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Author: Linda Ross