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Bug Watch: Bindii and other annoying lawn weeds


Regretting not spraying against bindii in winter? Bindii (Soliva pterosperma) is a low-growing annual herb with leaves like a carrot top. It produces a single flower at its centre that matures into a prickly seedpod that sticks in bare feet. 

This much-hated weed exists below mowing height so hand weeding or spraying with herbicide are the only answers. Controls include Yates Bindii and Clover Weeder Concentrate, which can be used on bindii, clover and dandelion but should never be used in buffalo lawns. Once the seed heads have formed though, uptake of herbicide is limited and control is usually not very successful.



Lawn weeds. Photo - Linda Ross


Weed Blitz by Amgrow. Photo - Linda Ross

We have been trialling the organic Weed Blitz by Amgrow on lawn weeds such as bindii, dandelion and cape weed. The active ingredient is pine oil, which gives a really fresh smell as you spray. Squirt the weed with a jet of Weed Blitz, taking care not to spray the surrounding lawn. The weed turns black within two hours and dies within 24 hours. We recommend feeding the lawn around the dead weed with seaweed solution (such as hose-on Maxicrop Lawn Rejuvenator) to encourage the grass to grow into the gap. Weed Blitz contains no synthetic chemicals and can be sprayed any time of year, although difficult weeds may need to be resprayed.


After spraying. Photo - Linda Ross

After 2 hours. Photo - Linda Ross

After 24 hours. Photo - Linda Ross


Text: Linda Ross

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