How to grow Ask Us! Bug Watch: Citrus gall wasp

Bug Watch: Citrus gall wasp


Photo - Linda Ross

Bulging citrus stems indicate the presence of citrus gall moth, which lays its eggs in the bark at the ends of citrus branches. No need to spray, just cut off affected branches.

Text: Linda Ross

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Daniel Wheatley commented on 05 Nov 15

Dear Anonymous,
You're in luck! Linda and i are in the process of shooting a video about how best to manage a minor infestation of the Bronze Orange Bug, AKA, stink bug. Watch out for it in a few weeks time. In the mean time, check out our latest Bugwatch article all about the Bronze Orange Bug and how to control it. Just click on the picture of the stink bug on the home page.
Happy gardening,

Anonymous commented on 07 Oct 15

What's best to kill stinky bugs on orange trees

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