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Bug Watch: Citrus leaf miner


Photo - Linda Ross


A silvery trail on foliage is the telltale sign of this pest. Eggs were laid in the leaf by the moth last year and the trail is the hatched insect eating its way out. Further in their lifecycle leaf miners curl the leaves completely in on themselves, and pupate into small moths. These are active at night, so are rarely seen.

If untreated, leaf miner reduces citrus yield, slows growth and makes foliage unsightly. Cut off and destroy the damaged foliage. To reduce the impact of the pest, spray regularly with Pest Oil or Eco oil. Help plants back to good health with citrus fertiliser. Parasitic insects such as wasps and lacewings feast on leaf miners. See for the mailorder Backyard Buddies range of beneficial insects. 


Text: Ally Jackson

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Author: Ally Jackson