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Chelsea: Graham Ross' Survival Tips


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- Get at least 10 hours sleep the night before and come prepared for a long day. It’s a shame to have to leave early because of fatigue.

- Buy a RHS Chelsea catalogue at the gate. This is a valuable planner to help you get bearings.

- Stick with your Ross Tours leader for the first hour for some exclusives like getting into Australian exhibit and meeting some Chelsea icons.

- Next go straight to the Show Gardens as they get very busy after about 10.30am.

- Before you tackle the Great Pavilion spend five minutes ticking the programme for your personal Must See exhibits.

- Visit the commercial stands on Eastern Avenue last to avoid having to carry bulky or heavy items all day.

- Don’t miss this Artisan Gardens, which are always good and are often overlooked. They are found on the other side of Ranelagh Gardens where there are hundreds of seats – also good to know.

- Don’t bother bringing water, there are plenty of stalls (including those selling Pimms!) but bring a couple of snack bars to keep up your energy.

- Have a regular cuppa break every two hours and plan an early or late lunch to avoid queues.

- It IS an endurance test, so push through the 3 o’clock wilt for a fabulous afternoon.


Text: Graham Ross

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