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Cymbidium orchids

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With their gorgeous flower spikes over a metre tall, they look impressive and are easy to grow in temperate regions, especially in large pots, which can be sheltered during cold winters.

Cymbidiums have a distinct growing time and resting time – they rest after flowering in autumn, and grow in summer. Overcrowded clumps should be divided after flowering while the plants rest. Plant them into good quality orchid potting mix, give them shade during the hottest part of the day. Feed fortnightly with a soluble fertiliser high in potassium, many years ago we used to use specific orchid food, Campbells Special Fertiliser A (in yellow pack) in February and March to ensure good quality flowers, now we tend to use pelleted or liquid Strike back for Orchids. We find the liquid fertiliser particularly easy to use. 

However: watch out, snails just love the young buds.


Text: Libby Cameron

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