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Photo - Linda Ross

Call me old-fashioned, but I adore the old ballerina fuchsias. I have been amazed at the flowering quality of one brave pink fuchsia called ‘Waveny Queen’ in my garden. It has not been without flowers all year; right through winter it held on and then gave an enormous flush in spring. At that stage pruning was essential as it was threatening to overtake the magnificent grafted Japanese maple that is its neighbour. Now this stoic fuchsia has leapt back into growth and new flower buds are forming once again.

Some fuchsias are pendulous and suit hanging baskets on verandas and patios but I grow mine in the garden. Most of the family need rich soil and morning sunshine to flower well. Protection from hot westerly sun is essential. I feed my fuchsias with pelletised manure three times a year: in winter, spring and autumn. And because they need to be kept moist I mulch heavily with lucerne.

Fuchsias are very easy to propagate by cutting. Just take a few small pieces and remove all but the top leaves. Dip the ends in hormone powder and place them snug up against the side of a small pot filled with quality potting mix.


Text: Sandra Ross

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