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How to: overhaul your irrigation system

If you have an irrigation system, you are already in good shape. 


Here’s how to give it a once-over.

Remove end caps and flush out irrigation lines. Sediment can block spray heads forms in the lines and should be washed out periodically. Reposition end cap and clamp. Check that all clamps are still locked in place on the system.


Photo - Linda Ross


Turn the system on and check for damaged pipe work, apparent in leaking/spraying. Repair with joiners and clamps. Heavily damaged runs of tubing may be easier to replace than repair. 


Photo - Linda Ross


It may be worthwhile converting some of your existing irrigation to drip to further conserve moisture (this is mandatory in some areas). To do this it may be necessary to include a pressure reduction valve (PRV) to bring the pressure down to the correct level for drippers (generally 15-20psi). This will also avoid excessive misting of micro systems. An easy solution is a Moss inline filter and PRV that can be cut into any system. 


Photo - Linda Ross


Don't have an irrigation system?

Drippers and drip tubing are available in various forms and you can DIY. 

Alternatively, some irrigation shops will design a plan for you if you supply a rough outline of your garden showing taps and garden beds. For more details see


Text: Matthew Carroll

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