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Hedges: out of the box

Photo - Sandra Ross


Got your shears sharpened and ready to go? Here are a few inspirations for hedges that show a straight line is not always the best way to get from A to B in the garden.

A wave hedge

Jardin Plume is a wonderful garden in Normandy, France. The name clues you to the owners' aesthetic passion - they love the feathery plumes and soft flowing movement of ornamental grasses. Fabulous hedges, shaped into cresting waves, capture the undulating rhythm of the grasses and stop the scene dissolving into chaos.

Photo - Sandra Ross

An elephant hedge

As Scott Wilson wrestled to get the old Lonicera nitida hedge at his Tasmanian property Old Wesleydale, to stop flopping about, his wife Deb saw a line of elephants form like cloud animals. Scott accentuated the curves and lines and the elephant hedge was born. It’s a surprising reminder to see our gardens for what they could be not just what they should be.



Photo - Robin Powell

A hedge with a view

The formal garden at Het Loo, the old royal palace in the Netherlands, features box parterres with pyramids of yew, and a fabulous hornbeam hedge that forms a tunnel, complete with windows. Windows, or gaps, in a hedge can offer an enticing glimpse to another part of the garden. 

Photo - Robin Powell

Text: Robin Powell

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