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How to: care for lawns

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With the weather cooling we can back off the mowing but the lawn work is not done. Autumn is a good time to address any problems to ensure that the grass is even greener on the other side of winter.

Go long

Let the lawn grow a bit longer in autumn. The extra growth helps keep out weeds and increases photosynthesis, which provides much needed energy for winter survival.


Feed up

Apply fertiliser while the soil is still warm enough to keep the grass growing. We like Scotts Lawn Builder, Amgrow’s Ecosmart Buffalo Lawn Food and Munns Buffalo Booster.

Mend and patch

Mild autumn weather is perfect for establishing new grass in any dead zones that developed over summer. Lightly cultivate the soil with a steel rake then spread some good soil over the area. Scotts Lawn Builder Organic Lawn Soil is great for this. Sow lawn seed onto this well-prepared bed. Munn’s First Aid Lawn Repair Kit is a three-in-one lawn seed, fertiliser and wetting agent.

Soft leaf buffalo lawns can be repair it with runners. Harvest them from a healthy part of the lawn and plant to cover the patch. Once the seed or runners are planted, water in gently and keep damp until the grass is well established. Keep traffic to a minimum and apply a seaweed solution every few weeks to help root development.


Pest watch

Lawn grubs are active in autumn, so keep an eye out for brown or straw-like patches. Any infestations can be controlled with Eco-grub or Eco-neem. Both of these products need to be drenched into the soil, preferably after a light watering. These pests may return if the lawn remains in a good condition, so stay vigilant.   


Text: Jake Byrne

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