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How to: get to know your tools

Tools of the Trade

Ever wondered which tools you should use to do different jobs around the garden?

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What you need

- some tools and a wheelbarrow 

- a fine day


Here’s how to do it 

- Put on your gloves and get all the tools out of the shed 

- Get out in the front garden or backyard (which ever needs a ‘tidy-up’)

- Get to know your tool names and what you use them for:

Spade - for digging and planting big shrubs and trees

Trowel - for planting seedlings, seeds, bulbs and for digging up big weeds

Fork - for digging up plants and veggies and weeds

Cultivator - for loosening up garden soil, compost and removing weeds

Fan rake or lawn rake - for raking up leaves.

Hoe - for making straight rows in garden beds or the veggie patch for seeds or seedlings

Metal rake - for making rows in the soil, covering seeds and levelling the soil

Broom - for cleaning up dirt, soil and sand

- Choose the right tool for the job you want to start.


Hortex hand tools. Photo - Linda Ross 



Text: Linda Ross

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