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How to: make a strawberry pot

Photo - Linda Ross

Isla is looking forward to picking sweet fresh strawberries to eat with ice cream this summer. Follow her tips for your own homegrown dessert!

What you need:

strawberry pot or container

potting mix

watering can

seaweed solution


What to do:

Soak the strawberry punnets in a seaweed solution for 20 minutes before you plant them.

Partly fill the strawberry pot with potting mix and then gently tap the strawberry plants to remove them from their punnets.

Starting at the bottom of the pot, place a strawberry plant through one of the side planting pockets or holes and gently fill around it with potting mix.

Continue planting the first tier of pockets and gently firm the plants and potting mix in. Then add more potting mix up to the next tier of pockets.

Again plant up each planting pocket with a strawberry plant and continue topping up with potting mix.

Place a couple of plants in the centre of the pot and place more mix around them then gently tap the pot.

Water in well with seaweed solution then place the pot in a sheltered spot in the garden for two to three days.

Move the pot into full sun or partial shade. Give a liquid feed with a fertiliser high in potash every two weeks and turn the strawberry planter a quarter turn every couple of weeks to give all the strawberries an even amount of sunshine.


More tips

Choose strawberry varieties that are suited to your climate. Isla used ‘’Red Gauntlet’, ‘Everest’, ‘Kamu’ and Cambridge Rival to provide a longer cropping season and different taste sensations. Strawberries can be planted in multi-tiered pots, hanging baskets or strawberry planters like the one Isla chose.  


Text: Isla Barlow

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