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In the garden: March

It’s time to get busy this march.

Back by popular demand - our reminders of what to do in the garden this season.


Photo - Robin Powell


Order spring-flowering bulbs, but don’t plant them out yet. You’ll need about 20 bulbs to make a good-looking clump in the garden. For long-lasting blooms in Sydney choose babiana or ranunculus. For a big effect in pots plant a double layer of a single variety of tulip.

Plant chervil, and coriander now that the weather is starting to cool - they'll be less likely to bolt to seed.

Feed the lawn to promote another round of strong green growth before winter.

Plant annuals for winter colour, choosing either a warm palette of poppies and pansies, or a cool one of violas, primula and stock. Protect seedlings with snail baits, water regularly to get them going, then use a foliar feed fortnightly to power growth.

Remove any finished agapanthus flower heads. This prevents them spreading as weeds through the bush, and also stops the colour of your clumps ‘changing’.

Soak sweet pea seed overnight, then sow into moist soil, in a sunny well-drained spot that has been prepared with complete fertiliser and a handful of lime. Provide something for them to climb on and don’t water again until the seeds germinate.

Refresh the mulch to retain soil warmth through the autumn.

Feed roses for the autumn flush of flowers. Our go-to is Sudden Impact for Roses.

Pick the figs you were clever enough to net before they ripened - otherwise be prepared to share with the birds!



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Author: Robin Powell