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​Mail Order Vegetable Seed Supplies


Our Favourite Mail Order Seed Companies

We like to buy our seeds from trusted mail order seed companies, this way we get a considerable range of varieties for a lifetime of experimentation.  

One favourite is Greenpatch Organic Seeds who grow and harvest their own organic vegetables, herbs and flowers seeds in Taree. They are Australian owned and far fewer food miles are wasted when seed is so locally sought. Seeds I have ordered this year include Cucumber White Spine, Long White and German Pickling, plus Pumpkins Jap & Baby Blue as well as Zucchini Golden Summer Crookneck and Black. Apart from a great range of seeds they also sell tube stock of rhubarb, carob, ice-cream bean tree and curry, carefully wrapped up and delivered in the mail. It's worthwhile ordering their catalogue. Ring Neville or Sophie for a catalouge 02) 65514240 or head online


For heirloom vegetable varieties and unusual fruit plants, Digger's Club in the Mornington Peninsula is unsurpassed. Suited to gardeners in cooler/ temperate areas but fine for warmer places too - and they do mail order throughout Australia. Digger's Seed Club offers an excellent range of unusual and very, beautiful vegetables and plants. Look out for their climbing zucchini called ‘Trombocinio', which is actually a type of gourd, they also have a large range of eggplants and tomatoes as well as bulbs, perennials and flowers. We love Digger's Seeds ready-made mixtures containing blends of several varieties of one vegetable which offers the perfect way to try different varieties. For example, their lettuce seed blends called ‘Lettuce Mesclun Mix' give you an assortment of leaf colours and shapes for salads. Radish blends contain seeds of purple, white, red, and red-white combinations. Their heirloom carrot mix is a favourite as they include carrots in bejeweled colours, so when you pull up your carrots you get a colourful rainbow.


Shopping around at Eden Seeds first is a good idea as they often they have the same thing for a little less. Eden Seeds, great for subtropical and warm temperate gardeners based inland of Surfers Paradise, stock an excellent range of hardy vegetable seed that are especially suited to the subtropics and above. Eden has one of the largest range of non-hybrid seeds in Australia. Write and request their catalogue or order one through their website. They have a very large range of chillies and tomatoes and are good for getting other things like eggplants, all different coloured tomatoes, moon and stars watermelon and beans.


Unusual herbs such as ginger, turmeric, horseradish can be found online at Green Harvest. They have some good information on their website about fruit fly protection and natural pest control as well as a good range of vegies and herbs, focusing on a solid core of heirloom varieties. They also have a great range of garden supplies including protective netting, soil pH kits, Asian hand cultivators and organic pest sprays. In spring they sell a wide range of quite rare edible plants including yacon, Peruvian parsnip, water chestnuts, heritage potato varieties, NZ yam, asparagus, rhubarb, tree onions, golden shallots, Jerusalem artichokes etc. It's well worth ordering their catalogue - which you can do through their website.


Text: Linda Ross

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