How to grow Meet Meet: Bethany Linz

Meet: Bethany Linz


Meet Bethany Linz. Wallpaper and textile designer.

Bringing the garden inside develops a whole new meaning with Bethany Linz’ botanically inspired wallpapers.

Interview: Robin Powell



Have you always found inspiration in plants?

Definitely. All my artwork - right from when I was four until now - has been inspired by plants. At one stage I even thought I’d go into gardening as a career.

Did you grow up around gardens?

My mother made a beautiful, English cottage-style garden over two acres at our home in Newcastle. I haven’t had a garden since I moved out of home, but I’m moving into a new house with a courtyard and I’m very excited. I’ve already bought some plants, including an amazing climbing frangipani. (I’d never heard of it and had to ring Mum to check it was a real thing!) I’m also very much into succulents at the moment, and I love the travellers palm, and white bird of paradise.



What is it in the shape of a plant that makes you think ‘wallpaper!’?

There is simply nothing more beautiful and perfect than a plant. Artists and designers have always been inspired by them, they create natural patterns on their own that make our jobs easy.

How do you go about designing a wallpaper?

With the cactus collection I started off by painting botanical illustrations of four different plants. Then I played around in the computer to see if the patterns worked. Sometimes I start with a design and know how I want it to look, others come to life on the screen. Two of the illustrations didn’t work, but two did, which became the succulent print, and the San Pedro cactus print. With digital printing you can go crazy with your ideas, and you can keep the hand-painted look that shows every brushstroke, but at an affordable price.



You’ve also done the prints as borders.

Yes, in playing around on the computer the succulent border came to life, which I’m very excited about as it has the look of a hand-painted mural. I love those old Italian murals, especially when those old walls are a background to contemporary furniture. So I have done the border with the option of having a textured, tactile-looking background. Of course, not everyone wants their house to look old, so I did a version without the texture as well.



Your plant-inspired works are your most popular. Why do you think that is?

I think people are always trying to bring nature inside, by having a vase of flowers or some indoor plants. Installing a wallpaper with patterns of plants is just another way of creating that garden atmosphere.

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