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The List: Our top 6 bush yellows

Photo - Jocelyn Jones

1. Hibbertia obtusifolia

A really vivid groundcover, this plant has large clear yellow flowers displayed against bright green foliage in late summer. It grows in sun or in light shade where it can really enliven the area. It’s also good as a container plant. Trim after flowering.

2. Yellow paper daisy,Xerochrysum bracteatum

There are at least 20 different named forms of these wonderful paper daisies, which flower for 8 months of the year. They need full sun, good drainage and extra water in very dry or windy periods. They make good cut flowers and the more you pick the more they flower.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones


3. Drumsticks, Isopogon anemonifolius ‘Little Drumsticks’

Winter and spring flowering, these are lovely in sun or light shade. The low bushy shrub will get to 80cm and the foliage provides a good contrast to other plants. The flowers are followed by decorative dark brown cones.


Photo - Jocelyn Jones

4. Acacia amblygona , ‘Prostrate Form’

A low, spreading plant with prickly foliage and fantastic vivid yellow balls of flower right through winter. The prickly leaves provide refuge for birds and lizards. Prune back after flowering to shape the plant.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones


5. Lechenaultia formosa ,‘Yellow and orange form’

In full sun with good drainage, nothing can beat these flowers for vibrancy. The bush grows to 30cm and the flowers are produced in profusion through spring and all of summer. On the east coast treat this plant as an annual.

Photo - Jocelyn Jones


6. Grey cottonhead, Conostylis candicans

This is a tufted, grass-like plant with grey foliage to 50cm. The bright yellow flower stalks are held erect through spring. It likes full sun and good drainage and doesn’t mind hot and dry conditions. Trim spent flower heads and old leaves. 

Photo - Jocelyn Jones

Text: Nola Parry

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