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​Pink Waratah

Photo - Linda Ross

Pink Waratah Telopea ‘Brimstone Passion’

New cultivars of pink waratahs have been developed by plant breeders to offer better garden performance than the wild flower. ‘Brimstone Blush’ and ‘Brimstone Passion’ (pictured) are irresistible, and demand to be matched with pink everlasting daisies, pink dwarf kangaroo paw and pinky-mauve carpets of brachyscome. Prune flower stems by half to three-quarters after flowering to increase the number of flowers for the next year. Plants that are a decade old or older need to be rejuvenated with a ruthless prune. Cut the canes right back to the lignotuber (swollen base) after flowering. This imitates the effect of fire. The plant will flower again the flowering year. If the clean cut is too dramatic for you, you can prune half the canes one year and the other half the following year.


Text: Linda Ross

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Author: Linda Ross