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Blue Ginger

There's no blue quite like it. Photo - Linda Ross


Blue ginger (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora)

Description: this exotic Brazilian native is not a true ginger but has striped ginger-like stems and lapis lazuli blue flower spires. The glossy, dark-green leaves have purplish undersides. The flowers are borne in compact spires from February through autumn.

Size: this perennial can grow to 2.4 metres tall by 1 metre wide in a clumping form with branched cane-like stems and short, rhizomatous roots.

Cultivation: blue ginger will withstand light frost, and does well in Sydney and areas north. It likes rich soil in semi-shade, but will tolerate full sun and dry weather.

Special comments: blue ginger looks best when accompanied by other subtropical plants such as bamboo, hibiscus, stephanotis and frangipani, though it also does a fine job of bordering a narrow ‘driveway garden’.


Blue ginger really works under trees, shrubs and palms. Photo - Linda Ross


Text: Linda Ross



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