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​Canna ‘Australia’

Photo - Linda Ross

Canna ‘Australia’

Description: the popularity of cannas is due to their long display of bold foliage and vibrant flowers. This hybrid is one of a new series called ‘Show Off’, which has been bred for resistance to disease and for clean, sculptural foliage. It has burgundy leaves and large, bright red flowers from summer into autumn. Flowers last well in a vase and the plant will grow in containers as long as it receives adequate water.

Size: 90cm x 75cm

Cultivation: cannas grow in most soil types, in semi-shade to full sun, although growth and flowering are better in full sun. Remove stems that have flowered to promote new growth. Every two to three years lift and divide clumps in early spring, cutting foliage to 15cm and cutting tubers into sections with no more than two ‘eyes’. Plant into soil prepared by adding plenty of compost and manure, and mulch well after watering.

Special comments: although the ‘Show Offs’ are disease-resistant, they can be affected by rust – remove and bin any affected leaves.


Text: Libby Cameron

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