How to grow Stars of the season Climbing ‘Pierre de Ronsard’

Climbing ‘Pierre de Ronsard’


Photo - Linda Ross


The Meilland family in the south of France created this beloved climbing rose in 1987. They named it after the 16th century French poet, whose sensuous, romantic and musical poems were highly regarded during his life. The poet is loved by the French; the rose is loved by gardeners for its heavenly flowers, which are on borne on arching canes up to 3m long. These can be pinned to a fence or trained along a veranda or pergola. Plants that are three years or older should be pruned hard after flowering and the old canes thinned out. If the plant is fed well after flowering, a second flush will bloom in autumn. 


Text: Linda Ross

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Esther commented on 24 Aug 15

I have bought two Pierre de Ronsard roses. I was planning on buying an arbour to grow them on. How do you train the PdeR on an arbour and is growing on an arbour the best way. Your advice is much appreciated

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