How to grow Stephanotis floribunda

Stephanotis floribunda

Draping a stephanotis around the entrance to your home will insure a perfumed welcome home. Photo - Linda Ross

An evergreen twining climber that won’t take over your garden. Hurrah! We love its luscious shiny leaves and clusters of ivory rocket-shaped flowers that are so fragrant they'll wrap their scent around you every time you get home. In our garden it flowers from October to April and was triumphant in our wedding bouquet!



Here’s an evergreen twining climber won’t take over your garden! It has shiny leaves and white tubular flowers that are fragrant and long-lasting. It grows best in warm temperate regions, in a sunny position with plenty of humidity. Choose a spot where you can enjoy its perfume.



To about 4m stretched out but can be draped and entwined over structures and palm trunks


Stephanotis close-up. Photo - yevgeniy11/



Loves strong morning sun, loves a rich, well-drained soil with plenty of mulch to keep the roots cool.


Special comments

In dry seasons, the vine is susceptible to attack by two-spotted mite so hose the leaves to maintain the humidity.


Text: Libby Cameron

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