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Postcards from recent Ross Tours

For the garden traveler 2016 was a huge year.

New destinations and lots of old favourites. Here are some of the highlights.


High time for tea

By Robin Powell

A highlight of the Singapore tour is always High Tea at Raffles. The tea is served from mirror-polished silver, the cakes and sandwiches appear on a matching stand, a harpist plays by tall potted palms, and a great buffet of extra hot and cold goodies tempt those for whom the tea tray is not quite enough. Voted top taste this year: the chocolate mousse cake – divine!


Raffles high tea. Photo - Robin Powell


Engulfed in Ireland

By Michael MCoy

The beauty of June Blake’s fabulous garden just south of Dublin happily overwhelmed our group of Ross travellers in Ireland. It felt like the floral equivalent of culinary foam - complex, but phenomenally buoyant. The super-light, semi-transparent planting was ready to catch and highlight every low ray of sun breaking through the parting storm clouds.

Engulfed in Ireland. Photo - Michael McCoy


Ancient olives

By Michael McCoy

We had no idea what to expect when we turned up at the very recently opened Radicepura Centre, as part of our tour of a huge nursery in Sicily. What we certainly didn't expect was to see olives, each more 500 years old, being cloud-pruned! A single specimen near this beauty was more than 1600 years old, a sapling when the Roman empire still ruled these parts.

Artworks in olive. Photo - Michael McCoy


Lavender lunch

By Sandra Ross

On a glorious spring day in Barrengarry, at the western end of Kangaroo Valley, we lunched al fresco on Elaine Bower’s fragrant terrace. Elaine loves lavender and grows many different varieties but this, Lavender ‘Ruffles’ is her favorite. That’s Elaine on the left, with Ross travellers Cecily and John Southwick.


Lavender lunch at Barrengarry. Photo - Sandra Ross


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Author: Robin Powell, Michael McCoy, Sandra Ross