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Potted: Dahlia

Dahlia 'Mystic Dreamer'. Photo - Linda Ross

Dahlia x cultorum ‘Mystic’ range

Dahlia-lovers will be planting tubers in September-October for big bold flowers in summer. Meanwhile, there is fun to be with dwarf varieties, which can be planted out from pots. The NZ-bred Mystic range features some tropical colours to brighten a bland spot - ‘Haze’ (peach), ‘Spirit’ (apricot) and ‘Illusion’ (lemon). We especially like ‘Mystic Dreamer’, with dramatic mahogany leaves and pale pink flowers striped with magenta. Dahlias are herbaceous perennials, which means they die back in winter and emerge bigger and better each spring. Feed regularly and deadhead spent flowers to prolong the blooming season. 


Text: Linda Ross

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Author: Linda Ross