How to grow Small Spaces Potted: Zygocactus

Potted: Zygocactus

Photo - Linda Ross


Zygocactus (Schlumbergera truncata hybrids)

These epiphytic cacti hail from Brazil, where they thrive in tree branches or in rock ledges. Try them in a basket hanging at eye level for the greatest impact from the vibrant blooms, which may be hot pink, purple, coral, white or madly variegated.

Zygocactus are light-sensitive, and flowering is triggered by the shortening winter days. So though they can be grown indoors, don’t keep them near 24-hour light. They need to be planted in a free-draining orchid mix and require only small quantities of water; during flowering and active growth. Apply slow-release fertiliser annually. They are easily propagated from cuttings that have sprouted aerial roots. Place in potting mix to establish and pot on once noticeable growth has occurred.


Text: Ally Jackson

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