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Apples 3 ways


1. Apple muesli

Soak a cup of rolled oats in half a cup of water and the juice of a lemon overnight. In the morning add a grated apple, a cup of natural yoghurt, a handful of dried cranberries and a handful of chopped almonds. Add honey, maple syrup or brown sugar to taste before serving.


2. Apple and celeriac remoulade

Make a dressing with a tablespoon of good quality whole egg mayonnaise, two tablespoons of natural yoghurt, the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of grainy mustard. Slice an apple into thin julienne, and slice half a celeriac into julienne the same size. Mix both immediately into the dressing so that they don’t brown. Serve with barbecued pork chops, or with flaked smoked trout and roasted hazelnuts. 


3. Butterscotch apple crumble

Peel, then slice three apples into chunks, roll in a little flour to coat, then mix through the juice and zest of a lemon, and 125g brown sugar . Make a crumble by whizzing half a cup each of flour, rolled oats, brown sugar and coconut, along with a teaspoon of cinnamon and 50g of butter to form breadcrumb-like texture. Put the apples in a pie dish, cover with crumble and bake at 180 for 30 minutes or until golden and bubbling. Serve with whipped cream.


Text: Robin Powell