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In The Garden: March

Buy and plant spring flowering bulbs
: daffodil, jonquil, freesia, hyacinth, ranunculus, anemone, allium, sparaxis, ixia, and bluebell in the garden and in pots. Buy tulips and keep them refrigerated until May. Mother’s Day is a good day to plant them once soil temperature has cooled off. You’ will need about 20 bulbs to make a good-looking clump in the garden.

Feed roses for a lovely autumn display. Feed camellias after flowering. Magnolias need a nutritious mulch over the root zone to help their winter flowering. Check out Magic Magnolia Mulch on Garden Clinic website for ingredients. Citrus need a feed each season for good fruit. Citrus in pots need feeding every month. Boost the value of your mulch with a generous dose of aged cow manure. Water everything in well. 

Swap spent petunias for pretty winter-flowering pansies and violas. Add fresh compost or soil conditioner to the garden first. Avoid planting seedlings too deeply or they might rot in cool wet weather.

Look for destructive lily caterpillars on clivia, crinum lily and other strappy leafed plants. Spray with Yates Success Ultra or eco-neem.

Plant chervil, and coriander now that the weather is starting to cool- they'll be less likely to bolt to seed.

Top dress tall bearded iris with Sudden Impact for Roses, a high potassium based organic pelletised fertiliser that promotes flowers.

Give potted plants and hanging baskets a good soak by dipping into abucket or trug of water with seaweed solution plus wetting agent. Wait until bubbles stop rising to the surface to ensure the potting mix is fully moistened.