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Federal Gov authority to de-register common home-garden insecticides containing Chlorpyrifos

A special gazette published by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) last month detailed the proposal to cancel the registrations of the 27 chemical products containing the active ingredient chlorpyrifos.

The decision was made siting its potential to cause harm to humans and animals through exposure in connection to non-professional residential use of products containing the chemical, and is based on the advice within a report from the APVMA principal Toxicologist.

The APVMA proposal document also states that the use of “personal protective equipment (apart from gloves) do not represent realistic risk mitigation” for the home gardener using products containing chlorpyrifos.

Products potentially affected by the APVMA proposal are listed below.


Chlorpyrifos Home Garden and Domestic Pest-Control Product Registrations Proposed For Cancellation
Surefire Antout Granular Insecticide
Brunnings Lawn Grub Destroyer
Richgro Garden Products Lawn Beetle and Grub Killer
Barmac Chlorpyrifos G Granular Insecticide
Garrards Ant Killer 50
Munns Lawn Grubs,Lawn Beetle Grubs & Slater Killer With Long Life Organically Advanced Weta-Lawn
Searles Ant Kill 50 Granules
Searles Lawn Grub Killer Granules
Superway Grub, Ant And Pest Controller
Richgro Home Garden Ant Killer
Amgrow Patrol Lawn Grub & Beetle Killer Granules
David Grays Lawn Beetle & Grub Killer Insecticide
Surefire Lawn Grub,Ant and Outdoor Pest Insecticide
Richgro Ant Killer
Richgro Slater Killer
Richgro Lawn Beetle Killer
Searles Lawn Grub Killer Hose On
Amgrow Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn Pest Control
Amgrow Patrol Fix Ant
Searles Ant Kill 50
Searles Lawn Grub Killer


The basis of the APVMA decision suggests that there may be additional commercially available products affected by this decision.

Some limited professional applications are likely to be permitted with additional controls applied.

The APVMA document is 27 pages in detail and contains very valuable information for consumers, farmers, nursery staff, foresters, green keepers and others in the community and industry.

Details of the full decision can be found on as well as details on which the APVMA findings are based and reasons for the proposed de-registration of listed products. It is strongly recommended that home gardeners take the time to read the full proposal.