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Garden Radio Round Up August 19 - 20

Wild and windy for the eastern states this weekend, drying out soil and wreaking havoc with flowers and trees

Time to water wisely and move those delicate garden treasures in away from danger.

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It's time to


Prepare irrigation systems for spring watering demands. Flush the lines clear, check and repair any leaks and replace any outlets, which aren’t working properly.

In the Subtropical Garden

Plan areas for future tree planting to provide shelter from cool, dry August winds that can be damaging to the garden.

Want more winter jobs to do in your garden? Check out the full articles here - It's time to: Temperate gardens, and In the Subtropical Garden


Pimple Psyllid on Lilly Pilly

Lilly pillys are very susceptible to an insect called Pimple Psyllid. It appears on the new spring leaf growth.

They appear on Lilly Lilly, eucalypts, and wattles with new growth attacked first often turning leaves and shoots bright red but becoming distorted and twisted as the insect increases numbers. Leaves are covered in blisters. Black sooty mould fungus often follows growing on the honeydew exudate from the insect.


Lilly Pilly Psyllid. Photo - Graham Ross



Firstly, only ever select Lilly pillys that are resistant to psyllid attack. These include the Acmena smithii and Syzygium austral hybrids such as S. 'Resilience', S. 'Select', S, 'Cascade', S. 'Little Lucy', S. 'Royal Flame'. A. smithii hybrids include 'Allwyns Magic', A. s. 'Cherry Surprise'.

Chemical Control

Spray regularly with a horticultural oil like Pest Oil, Eco Oil, then place Confider tablets around base or sprinkle Richgro Bug Killa to the soil and water in. Repeat fortnightly and reapply granules every 2 months.


Bush Garden

Westringia 'Wynyabbie Gem' and W. 'Moonlight'

A great native shrub of coastal origin but suited to areas in drought or frost prone as this shrub is very hardy. Variegated leaves adds to its lightness in colour in the garden and the mauve blue flowers all year round adds to its charm. In tubs, rockeries, massed planting , informal groupings of clipped into a formal low hedge, this Variegated Coastal Rosemary is an excellent form of westringia.


Westringia 'Wynyabbie Gem'. Photo - Graham Ross


What's New?

Double Lavender 'Lavish Rose'

Stunning and new, the world's first double lavenders called 'Lavish' have just arrived for spring release. Each variety has multi-double petals or flower wings creating a much larger head of gorgeous sweet-smelling flowers.

The result of 15 years research by Bob Cherry and John Robb at Paradise Nursery, the Lavish lavenders are a real breakthrough in breeding.

Flowers are perfumed, and found up and down the stem not just at the top as with normal lavenders. Growth is 0.5m tall and wide. Best in well drained soils in full sun. Look for several different colours.


Lavender 'Lavish Rose'. Photo - Graham Ross


Come away with us

Southern Italy with Michael McCoy

Italian Renaissance and Baroque gardens of Southern Italy are extravagant exercises in philosophy, mythology, allegory, mathematics and glorious theatre. Add the mesmerizing island of Sicily with its archaeological treasures and the unique camaraderie of a Ross tour and you have an unforgettable experience.


Stunning gardens at San Guiliano. Photo - Michael McCoy.


See more of our tours at the 2018 Ross Garden Tours programme launch on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at the Lion Gate Lodge, Mrs Macquaries Rd, Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney at 11am. Meet the Ross Family over morning tea and learn about our Garden Tours for 2018.

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