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Garden Radio Round Up August 5 - 6

More warm and sunny weather on the way for most of the eastern states this weekend.

Simply perfect conditions for gardening, and just in time to get the end of winter jobs done ahead of spring.

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It's time to

Splash some winter colour

Brighten shady areas under trees with clivia, pictured above, whose late-winter blooms in warm tones of orange, salmon, yellow or cream add welcome colour to dull corners.


The beautiful and unusual Clivia nobilis. Photo - Linda Ross.


In the Subtropical Garden

Water plants well during this dry time of year, keeping an eye on plants from Mediterranean and temperate climates, which are in peak growth and must not dry out. Also ensure citrus and azaleas are watered regularly during dry weather.

Want more winter jobs to do in your garden? Check out the full articles here - It's time to: Temperate gardens, and In the Subtropical Garden


Citrus care in Winter

As winter draws to a close and spring weather returns citrus need special care.


Any minor trimming or major pruning should be done now.

If you wait until all fruit matures it will be too late, so harvest crop and prune.

Remove any branching infested with gall wasp. Burn or leave stems in sealed bag for a few months to kill escaping wasps.

Insect and Diseases

Various scale insects have survived winter temperatures and will quickly spread.

These insects also encourage the disease black sooty mould.

Spray weekly with a horticultural oil like Eco Oil or Natures Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray.

If the disease persists splash tree with warm soapy water, leave to dry then wash off with a strong jet of water.

Repeat oil spray.

Citrus leaf minor will also soon return to attach new growth so hang out a CLM trap.


Citrus scale. Photo - Graham Ross


Tree care

It's also time to fertilise your citrus.

Lightly cultivate under your trees then water.

Apply a quality citrus fertiliser then water in with a seaweed solution.

Finally apply a cow manure mulch throughout shadow line.


Photo - Luisa Brimble


Bush Garden

Hardenbergia violacea

Sensational purple to cobalt blue flowers in late winter, spring to Summer.

This great native plant groundcover will spread up to 3m but only grow 30-80cm tall. Will climb nearby trees and shrubs in the bush to 2-3m. This makes it an excellent climbing plant of a trellis of wire or lattice work.

Grows naturally in poor sandy soils but also in a garden from loamy soil to light clay. Must be well drained soils.

Very useful around pools as unnaffected by salt water splash, in pots climbing a tee pee, as a ground cover in shade or full sun, or anywhere a low maintenance plant is required.

Will grow in warm temperate to sub-tropical and Mediterranean climates but often successful in cooler regions in sheltered gardens but it is not frost hardy.

Being a quick growing climber or groundcover has endeared itself to new gardens and landscapes.

Its roots produce free nitrogen in the soil like many legume plants.

The plant should be lightly pruned after flowering then fertilised with a native feed.

New varieties or cultivars include:-

'Bushy Blue' is an erect form with rich purple flowers, 75cm tall and wide. This selection arose in California, USA.

'Mini-Haha' has a dwarf, erect compact habit to 15cm with deep mauve flowers. This variety is not as long-lived as others.

‘Happy Wanderer’ is the most commonly grown variety of Hardenbergia, with masses of purple flowers on a 2m high and wide small bush. Longer flower spike than bush form.

‘Meema’ from Ozbreed, is a long lived and long flowering variety that makes a good informal native hedge as it grows 50cm tall and 2m wide. ‘Meema’ is a robust plant that has very clean, compact foliage with a high frost tolerance.

‘Alba’ pure white flowers on a bushy 1.5m high and wide plant with deep green foliage.

‘White Out' is a strong climbing form with snow white flowers and deep green leaves. Growing to 10cm high and 2.5m wide, perfect as a climber.


Hardenbergia violacea. Photo - Graham Ross


What's new

New Lamb's Ear Stachys, 'Moonlight Velvet'

This larger leafed form of the regular perennial Lambs Ear, grows to 40cm tall and will spread 50cm.

It is an excellent groundcover with stunning silvery grey foliage.

The leaves are furry or felted making for a great feature or as a foil for other plants and shrubs because of its bright grey colour.

It will grow in full sun or light shade.

It is tolerant to light frosts and is longer lived than the old species.

Avoid overwatering in summer as it prefers to stay a little dry.


New Lamb's Ear Stachys, 'Moonlight Velvet'. Photo - Graham Ross


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The gates at Highgrove


Garden News

The most ‘re-bark-able’ event returns to Sydney this weekend

Peta Clarke joins me on the line this weekend to let us know that the multi-award winning Dog Lovers Show is back in Sydney this weekend at the Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries.


The most ‘re-bark-able’ event, the Dog Lovers' Show.


Hundreds of hounds are bounding back to Sydney for the fourth annual Dog Lovers Show at the Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries this weekend, joining some of the biggest and most respected experts in the pet industry, just like my guest Peta.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with her, Peta Clarke is a professional animal trainer who lives and breathes the animals she works with. Peta specialises in the practical application of reinforcement training. Peta’s first love is working with Dogs, training and working with animals for the International Film Industry and Australian Theatre Industry. Peta's credits include ‘Babe’, ‘Superman Returns’, ‘Wolverine’ and ‘The Square’.

Visitors can get up-close-and-pawsonal with around 100 breeds at the Show, including over 40 DOGS NSW Breed Clubs in the Breed Showcase: pawsome Pugs, cuddly Collies and coiffed Cavaliers, to name but a few. Ever wanted to recline in a sea of beanbags surrounded by snuggly pooches? The Channel 7 Pat-a-Pooch Zone is about to make your dreams come true – BYO lint brush!