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Garden Radio Round Up June 3 - 4

Winter is here and there is a chill in the morning air and, in some areas, single digit temps (brrrrrr!!!)

Jack frost has arrived, so make sure to bring in those delicate treasures from the garden.

It's world environment day June 5 and we have three quick ways of helping the planet. Say no to plastic bags by taking your own reusable bags when you shop, buy a keep cup for those take-away coffees and compost every single piece of organic waste from your kitchen refusing landfill. I'd love also to add keep chickens as they live on scraps and will repay you with delicious eggs.


Keep chickens. They live on scraps and repay you with eggs!


It's time to

Clean up the last of the Autumn leaves

Rake up the remaining autumn leaves covering your lawn, garden and pathways. Don't forget to start high, especially if you're using the blower. My husband starts on the roof!

Whack it all in the compost and water well with a probiotic like GoGo Juice from neutrog, it will really help kick-start the composting process.


No good on the deck, but autumn leaves make great compost. Photo - Linda Ross


Bush Garden


There are 365 species and 100 subspecies of grevillea, making grevillea the third largest genus in Australia.

Many species attract birds into the garden as they produce huge quantities of nectar. They are so many different colours, shapes and sizes and they flower for such an extended period of time, there's so many reasons to grow them.

Give them a go in your garden. One of my favourites is 'Golden Lyre', when grown as a standard it looks just like a golden waterfall of flowers.


There are not many natives that will bring the birds in like Grevillea.


In the Vegie Patch

Araucana Chickens

Araucanas are a breed of chicken from the Araucania region Chile, South America. They have quite unique qualities including funky feathers, energetic personalities, and - most unusually of all - blue eggs.

Araucanas are very well suited to free-range as they are naturally inquisitive. The hatchlings mature faster than other hens and grow up to be quite happy to be handled by people, making them great pets for the kids.

So get some blue eggs in your basket - try an Araucana in your flock this year.


The kids have named our Araucanas 'Bluebell' and 'Indigo'. (They're Araucana crossed with another breed, actually) Photo - Linda Ross



Control Snails & Slugs

It's time to toast those snails and slugs before they devour emerging bulbs and flower seadlings in your garden. Use beer traps or pet-safe baits, or collect snails at night or in the early morning and feed them to the chooks.


Time to get rid of those snails and slugs.


Come away with us

Gardens and Ancient Sites of Mexico and Cuba

There are still a few seats left for you to come and join me on the Gardens and Ancient Sites of Mexico and Cuba tour this October, but you'll have to hurry.


Ross tours will head to Mexico this October, but seats are limited. Photo - Linda Ross


Home of the frangipani, dahlia and chocolate! Delve into ancient pyramids of Aztec & Mayan civilisations, experience traditional foods & share the colour of Mexican life. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City & the Yucatan. Enjoy Hemmingway’s Cuba, Havana and Vinales.

Come along with me and join in the adventure. The Gardens and Ancient Sites of Mexico and Cuba leaves this October, and seats are limited, so go to the Ross Tours website, or call Royce or Roslyn at Ross Tours on 1300 233 200 before the we sell out.