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In The Garden This Week

Parts of Queensland are copping it with non-stop rain for the past three days. Everywhere else the wonderful planting weather gardeners enjoy over Autumn is setting in.

We're making the most of it, planting as much as we can, and scanning our local nurseries for the new and unusual treasures we love to bring home.

You can take home a treasure too this April at the Collectors' Plant Fair. Over 80 growers from across Australia will be there with collectable plants and planty paraphernalia. It’s Christmas for gardeners - the best garden weekend of the year. So make a day of it at Collectors’: Hawkesbury Race Club, April 7 & 8. Hop onto the website,, and get your ticket today.


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Also for the garden lovers this week we have a Gift for you. The Love my Garden gift box is brimming with all the good stuff your garden craves to ensure beautiful blooms and healthy foliage such as Amgrow Harvest, Seasol All Purpose Plant Food and three products from Neutrog, tubs of Kahoona, Seamungus & Gyganic, and it's yours when you join or renew your garden clinic membership today.

In the garden right now

Shade me please

Q: My white Ixora has huge flowers all over it. but it's in full sun, and the flowers get scorched.

A: The funny thing about Ixora is that the coloured flowers love the full sun, but the white one is the opposite. Best to transplant it into the shade.


Micro munchers

Q: I'd like to be eating herbs from my garden. But lately something has been beating me to it. What's eating my basil?

A: It's a little insect, and it happens in my garden too. Get onto it now, because this little bug breeds under the leaves of your basil and will move on to other herbs like mint if it isn't controlled. Use Yates Natures Way Herb and Vegie spray, which is safe to use on edibles. I leave mine in the garden where I can use it right away.


Sweet pea success

Q: I've always been a good gardener, but i can't seem to raise sweet peas from seed. What am I doing wrong?

A: Most gardeners have success by germinating sweet peas right in the ground. Drop seeds into a shallow hole in damp soil that’s been watered the day before, but don’t water the seeds in, and don’t water again until they shoot.


Moving frangipani

Q: We have a large frangipani tree in the wrong spot. What is the best way to move it?

A: Wait until winter when they’re dormant and the leaves have dropped. You’ll be surprised how small the root system is. Biggest problem is not breaking branches, which are very brittle, and will break off without too much leverage at all. Stake well in its new position as the roots wont establish again until after Summer.


Frangipanis can be easy to move, and even easier to propagate from cuttings.


On the road: Come away with us

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

Our fully-booked short break to see the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show (a.k.a MIFGS) is about to leave Sydney for a dose of botanical inspiration admiring new trends, world-class show gardens and an exhibition hall full of flowers at MIFGS. It’s the southern hemisphere’s biggest garden festival. The group will sample a few of Melbourne’s flowery and operatic treats over 4 spectacular days.


'Reflections' designed by Ian Barker Gardens included Polygonum Rudbeckia Achillea and Eragrostis. MIFGS runs March 21 - 25 at Carlton Gardens Melbourne. Photo - Sally Plottel


Go West: Wildflowers with Angus

Let Australian plant lover Angus Stewart introduce you to the diverse natural wonders of southern Western Australia. Meet milkmaids, honeypots, green kangaroo paws and mountain bells in the wild, and catch the extravaganza of the Kings Park Wildflower Festival.


Loads of stunning native flowers will be on display


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