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In the Garden This Week

Welcome to summer, folks! Hope you can enjoy the sunshine this morning.

Looks like we're all in for some showers in the week to come, but watch out for the wind near the coast.

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In this issue of the Garden Clinic Summer Magazine Robin Powell takes us to West Green House. Photo - Linda Ross



Watch out for scale on young gumtrees

Notice something sticky and glossy covering the leaves of your young trees this weekend? Have a good look and you'll probably find a big scale infestation.


Scale infestation on Eucalypt stems. Photo - Graham Ross


This scale is very common on older gum trees and is generally left to nature to contend with.

But on younger trees, where control measures are more accessible, they should be treated to protect the sapling from prolonged damage.

As with all scales they exude a ‘sugary’ substance known as honeydew. This sticky glossy material turns the gum leaves shiny, glossy and sticky and if drop onto pavement or parked cars below can cause problematic staining.

The honeydew ultimately also attracts the fungal disease black sooty mould which further retards the trees growth by inhibiting the leaves ability to transpire and carry out normal functions to keep the tree healthy.


Honeydew exudation from the scale insects


Early spring intervention is preferred but action must be taken quickly once the glossy leaves start appearing.

The scale is susceptible to horticultural oils such as PestOil and Eco oil. Repeated sprays are strongly recommended for the organic controls.

When combined with an application of Richgro Bug kills the effect is increased. Apply the granules to the surrounding soil and water in while continuing the spray program.

If the tree needs fertiliser support apply Bush Tucker and water in.


Vegie patch

Don't let 'em get too big

Zuccini's grow very quickly at this time of year. But big isn't necessarily better with these vegies. Much better to pick them early while they are sweet and juicy.


This bubba is having plenty of fun with some giant zucchini. Great reminder to pick them small! Unless you want to stuff them with mince


Flowering now

Return of the Queen

Oh what a night! The queens were out, and the fragrance is hard to miss. Night flowering cactus are stunning, but they're also notorious party-animals, often waiting until midnight to open.


Queen of the night, Epiphyllum oxypetalum.An intoxicating display. Photo - Linda Ross


Come away with us in 2018

Another wonderful tour season closes

Our last tour of 2017 has returned from Autumn in Japan. A stunning tour, and one of the best Autumn colour displays I have ever seen.

We look forward to hosting a massive list of tours next year, including India, Sri Lanka, Japan and the South of Italy


The Gardens of Italy & Sicily with Michael McCoy

Most keen gardeners would have Italy on their bucket list. Renaissance and Baroque Italian gardens are full of inspiration, extravagant exercises in philosophy, mythology, allegory, mathematics and glorious theatre.

The Gardens of Italy & Sicily tour, led by passionate plant person and expert garden designer, Michael McCoy puts all of this alongside Italy’s gorgeous cities, art and delicious Italian food.

To find out more and reserve your seat of the tour contact Ros & Royce at Ross Tours on 1300 233 200, or go to the Ross Tours website.


Taormina, Sicily. Photo - Krzyzak / Shutterstock