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In the Garden This Week

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, folks!

Summer storms clearing overnight to beautiful sunny mornings, and the garden just loves it.

Only a few more days left to get your Garden Clinic Christmas Hamper. Call the clubhouse today on 1300 133 100, or join online now.


Only a few days left. Join today and get your Christmas Hamper.



Caterpillars are about

Keeping your salad greens safe from these critters isn't as hard as you think. There are Eco friendly solutions out there l. Spraying fortnightly with either Yates Success Ultra or Dipel will provide a non-toxic and near zero withholding period treatment for our edibles AND keep those green loopers at bay.

Works on tomato grub and clivea caterpillars too.


Bush Garden

NSW Christmas Bush

A good-looking evergreen native shrub has three-pointed leaves and creamy flowers in spring. After flowering the calyxes turn a rusty red for a stunning Christmas show. They glow brightly in the Eastern Australian bushland, and are easy to grow in the garden. ‘Albery’s Red’ is a popular cultivar, but 'Shiraz' is thought to have bigger leaves and bracts.

‘Johanna’s Christmas’ is a compact, dwarf variety with stunning red flowers. A beautiful form of the ever-popular NSW Christmas Bush. Use it as a feature shrub in a sunny well drained position in the garden or as a novel pot plant for courtyards and the like. Give it a light trim back behind the spent flowers after Christmas. Feed with a good native fertiliser in spring.


NSW Christmas Bush, 'Johanna's Christmas'. Photo - Angus Stewart


The Potted Garden

Mini Moth Orchids

Tiny flowers and plants a fraction of the size of their full-grown cousins, the mini moth orchid is a fantastic addition to any orchid lovers' collection, and make a great gift for a novice orchid grower

They require the same growing conditions as full-size plants, but mini moth orchids come in smaller pots, sometimes two inches in diameter, they require much less of everything: less orchid mix, less fertilizer and less water. how much less? about an ice-cube every week!


Mini Moth Orchids. Photo - Graham Ross


Zanzibar Gem

Need an attractive indoor plant for your apartment or bathroom but have a history of failure? Here's one for the brown-thumbs! The Zanzibar Gem is a super-hardy indoor speciallist that looks great and thrives in dry, shaded positions loves the indoors, and needs very little care.

Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) has form quite similar to palm-like cycads called zamias.

Cold and over- watering are the easiest way to kill this easy-going, neglect-loving indoor specialist. Keep Zanzibar Gem warm and not too wet and it will love you back for years.


Zanzibar Gem. Photo - Graham Ross


Come away with us

Japan in Spring

If you have always wanted to see Japan in spring 2018 is your year!

We are offering three tours to Japan next year beginning with Japan at Cherry Blossom Time, departing March 31. A very special tour designed specifically to take advantage of the peak flowering of the cherries.

Japan is always popular at Spring time, so we're running another Japan at Cherry Blossom Time tour departing April 2 with Robin Powell.

And for the first time in 2018 Linda will host the Japan's Flower Festivals tour departing April 28.

To register your interest or find out more about these or any of our 2018 tours contact Ros or Royce at Ross Tours on 1300 233 200, or go to the Ross Tours website.


World-famous cherry blossoms of Japan in Spring.