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In the Garden This Week

Brisbane is enjoying showers, and there are showers on the way for Sydney.

Just in time for our beleaguered gardens, suffering under the unrelenting dry. Hang in there, garden lovers.

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In the garden right now

It takes two

Q: Do I need two trees for my Olive to produce viable fruit?

A: Though many olive varieties available these days, like 'Helena', are self pollinating you will get a bigger crop with another tree.

Remember that olives are biennial croppers-they produce a lot of fruit one year then take the next year off.


Time to plant salad greens in the subtropics

The cooler months give subtropical gardeners a great opportunity to have better success with herbs and leafy veg. Have a go at growing some of those delicious tender European lettuces that you don't commonly see at Woolies.

The sweet, nutty, buttery leaves of 'Butter Crunch' are delicious, but the possums and other pests love them too and have to be managed.

Check out more subtropical kitchen gardening tips with Arno King in your Autumn issue of the Garden Clinic Magazine out now.


Have a crack at some kale now that the weather is beginning to cool down in the subtropics. Photo - Carsten Medom Madsen


Bush Garden

Casuarina glauca ‘Cousin It’

A very hardy groundcover plant perfect as a spillover in rockeries, embankments, or just spilling out from tubs and pots.

When used near rocks it flows over them taking on their shape in a larva-like fashion spreading up to 3m.

When grafted or trained onto tall stems they hang down in a weird, haphazard way fascinating children because they look like the 1970’s TV character of the same name.

Grows in any soil from dry to moist and happily withstands coastal and swimming pool salt spray. It’s dense habit eliminating weeds in its path. Low maintenance and drought hardy.

Casuarina 'Cousin It’ was discovered from plant material taken from Booderee National Park on the New South Wales south coast collected in 1989.


Casuarina glauca 'Cousin It’. Photo - Angus Stewart


On the road: Come away with us

Only 4 seats left on the Japan Cherry Blossom tour

Robin Powell loves Japan at cherry blossom time. Her passion for this fascinating part of the world make her the perfect guide to lead you following the cherry blossom trail as it blooms across Kyoto, Kanazawa, Nikko and Tokyo on a 15-day tour that will take you inside Japan’s great gardens. You’ll meet some of the masters of Japanese horticulture, and experience that fascinating mix of ancient serenity and eye-popping modernity that makes Japan such an exciting destination.

This is one of our most popular tours so register your interest now before these seats sell out.


Follow the cherry blossoms this April in Japan. Photo - Kisan


South Australia and Kangaroo Island

With an extensive horticultural history South Australia is a destination with something for every garden lover. You'll explore South Australia and the coastal wilderness of Kangaroo Island. See gardens at their peak, roses mingled with iris and other favourites in the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills, including the garden of our friend Sophie Thompson. We can't wait to witness natural wonders of Admirals Arch and the Remarkables at Flinders Chase National Park.


See Sophie's garden on the SA and Kangaroo Island tour this November.


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